About Us  

SIC Life Trust Finance Limited (SIC Life-TFL) is licensed by Bank of Ghana to operate the business of a FINANCE HOUSE under the provisions of the Non-Bank Financial Institution Act, 2008 (Act 774).

SIC Life-TFL is a wholly owned subsidiary company of SIC Life Company Limited, Ghana's leading Life Insurance Company. We have an independent organization and management structure, distinct from our parent company. The company was incorporated primarily to service the financing needs of 'SIKA PLAN' insurance policyholders of SIC Life Company Limited. These are clients who operate mainly in the micro and SME sector of the economy. The company also aims to service the financing needs of other businesses in the micro and SME sector.

Our Head Office is located at Room 108, 1st Floor, Swanzy Shopping Arcade, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Accra.

Corporate Vision
To secure a leadership position as the preferred Micro and SME finance services retailer with strong brand by offering the most dependable solutions that satisfy our customers' financial needs.

Corporate Mission
To become a low-interest but big size financial services provider to the Micro and SME finance sector, offering secured investment with superior returns to our shareholders through the engagement of a highly motivated and competent workforce.

Corporate Objectives
Ensure prudent management of company resources to improve operational efficiency, thereby optimizing costs and providing competitive products and services and delivery time that satisfies our customers' needs.

Secure a dominant market share through a competitive and comprehensive marketing program.

Products & Services  
›› Long Term
  • 12 months (364 days)
  • 18 months (540 days)
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›› Medium Term
  • 6 months (180 days)
  • 9 months (270 days)
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›› Short Term
  • Up to 1 month (1 to 30 days)
  • 2 months (60 days)
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